Happen to be or meant to be?

January 26, 2017 § Leave a comment

Within a month’s time I’ll be heading back to school in Tassie for the second semester, and the upcoming units pretty much constitutes the jizz of my course — Oceanography, Aquatic Biology A, Introduction to Conservation and Fisheries Management— pretty eggciting stuff!

The past few days at work on St John’s, I’ve been surprisingly attentive towards world news as I tuned in to the BBC World Service radio station while visually glued to the stereoscope as I sort the deep sea meiofauna specimens. News about the Trump administration, trade policies, civil wars, stock exchange, business models, and some personal accounts were aired. Amid the news there was one of Barack Obama giving a speech at Morehouse college and he called out of one the graduates named Frederick Anderson, who was tirelessly coping with studies and making ends meet with the coming of his new family.

Amongst the failures and struggles, he said: “I never really allowed myself to be sad. It was just another opportunity to find another course of action.’

Mr Obama was using him as an exemplary model of a man, excelling in all aspects of life. And I thought to myself, wow. Every time I fall, I seem to make a big deal out of it. Yes I want to learn from my mistakes, but from this it made me realise that crying over spilled milk is useless and redundant. I could have use the time to move on, instead of stressing out on the what ifs and how it would change the unchangeable.

When I noted this quote down on my phone pad a few days ago, I missed out the origin of it and when I passed by it again this morning as I was penning down another quote, I was trying so hard to recall where I got it from. It could have been from anywhere, but my half-demented brain gave up and decided to deal with it when I’m more awake. Then, out of all news BBC replayed Obama’s speech including the account of Frederick and I immediately retrieve the recent file I almost tossed out from my mind.

Was it meant to be or it just happened to be? To believe that it just happened to be would give me a really inaccurate estimation of luck I’m gonna be getting this year. The probability of them replaying any news (I’ve never heard any same news twice on different days) was zero for me, let alone replaying D news I needed to hear. To believe that it was meant to be would be much easier, as I would hand it all to fate and simply be thankful. But why? Okay I’m just gonna leave it at that.

I’ve been reading a book called Enemies of Science and this,I feel is total fate to have crossed paths and pay RM 10 for this book of debate between the author and the fictions of Science. I can relate so much to it and he has the same puzzling questions about beliefs as I do. It was comforting to know that I was not alone, all in my mind. But the book isn’t an answer, or so I feel it isn’t despite not anywhere nearing the end of the book. Because if there is, it would have been replaced with the bible. I’ll try to write review the book as much using my own words, which would be a good practice to abstain from plagiarism.

Oh and I had a wonderful date on Sunday, with Shaun. We had the (paid) privilege to listen to Thomas P Peschak on his personal account of his journey, from his childhood to being a underwater photojournalist for Nat Geo, renowned for his impactful media of the oceans and its inhabitants, alongside with the culprits of their dwindling numbers. He described himself as a hopeless optimist, as part what he does, he has to shoot tons of ugly shots to get a slight above average one, and he has to be playing with death (head bumping hungry sharks, getting thrown under a  whale, being in pitch black waters) to get a Nat Geo worthy shot. Shaun really enjoyed it and if Shaun had a chance at it, I bet he’d be good at being hopelessly optimistic too, for the things he love.

And whenever he holds my hand, I stop thinking. I need to work on that error 404.





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