Can I diary again? 

January 25, 2017 § Leave a comment

Even till this day, I still struggle figuring out which correct spelling of diary or dairy is the vegan illustration of your penny full of thoughts. This shows that I haven’t been writing. I used to do it everyday when I was 7, about anything and everything. Mom said it was important to have a diary, to remember before its forgotten. 

In this era of too little time, I seldom reflect on a day’s affair properly. And even if I do, it’s in my head and my head can only house that much thoughts. And 5 days later I get frustrated with myself for not penning down my thoughts. My inertia of diarying has taken its toll on me as I fail to remember the moments I wish to remember. 

Now that I’m studying abroad, and I’ll be alone, I should have no excuses. No excuses! I hope I don’t let myself down again, just as how I did by not logging my past adventures. I’ve been considerably many places and done loads of things I’d never thought I do. I guess it’s never too late since I still remember. Bits and pieces of it.

However there are just some things that I’m not ready to share on this platform, even though no one knows of pliablelia’s existence. That’s my dilemma. The fact that I’ll be penning down my inner most thoughts still scares me, to the core. What should I do? 


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