Feeling negligible 

August 28, 2016 § Leave a comment

Today marks my last breakfast read with this book as I finally reached the end. I was intending to finish within a week of coming to Tassie but the world got the better of me. Like what the observer said:

Gave me that rare, greedy feeling of: this is so good I want to read it all at once but I mustn’t if not it will be over too soon.

Though I was a slow (dead slow) reader, I’m kinda thankful for that because then I wouldn’t be rushing through the book or feeling like I need to slow down. Ha!

Every chapter or page I read on every permitting morning, it was like reading a flashback of my weeks doings, because the amount of relevance of Christopher’s story to mine more than just coincidence. I could relate to his thoughts and actions more than I could for anything else, and I really wondered how and why I chose to bring this book with me from home and to read it now in a different place at a different time, it spoke differently.

What saddens me is the reality of the norm, as the world wouldn’t stop for people like us who just needs a little bit more time. But I guess that’s how it is. In this time of passing faces and fast paces, I dwell in the comfort of Christopher’s logical mind to find himself in the midst of going about solving Wellington’s mystery death and finding mom in London. I loved reading about how Christopher was subconsciously trying to love the beings around him through his subtle relentings despite having a hard time to comprehend the illogical complexity of love as a whole.

Thanks Chris, you’ll be a great scientist that I want to meet in future if I get to.




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