Monday like no other

August 15, 2016 § Leave a comment

After what felt like an eternity, I finally submitted my first 1500 case study on a commercial fishery at 7 30pm, slightly past the 5pm deadline.

I would expect to fall into my well deserved deep sleep immediately after completing my assignment, but I took a slightly different approach. I went down to try to make dinner just purely to satisfy my biological hunger, and in turn I was greeted with something called mango strudel with a good dollop of cookies & ice cream. Life is truly rewarding.

It’s been one and 1/2 months here in the winter down South, with the days stretching a little longer but time still flashes before my very eyes. With each waking moment I’m soon to bid goodbye to the day I’d never got to spend. I thought life here was supposed to be slow paced. And it is. So it must be me. I must still be caught up with something of a pace that does not align. It’s also been psychologically challenging to stay sane and refrain my cynical self from drowning my mental capacity to appreciate the little and enjoy the simple.

I took the walk I’d yearned for

braving the wind chills and blinding sights

I was greeted with the weary night sky

Cumulus puffyness in motion

Gliding in my deep blue notions

Like the sea the sky so vast

Like my heart it wasn’t made to last

What would be tonight will soon become day

My thoughts and actions will fade away

The only thing meant to stay

was the peaceful presence that you play




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