In May,

July 23, 2016 § Leave a comment

I just notified current vet clinic that May would be my last month of working with them, despite my unacceptable irregular schedule of only working one day per week, she still thanked me for being with them. I started out with them initially during my poly days in year 2, as part of a compulsory attachment programme for clinical exposure.

Julian; the unconventional manager that with a love for black and techy stuff. My comeback to clinic was made possible only through Him as well.  The way he laughs at nonsensical jokes and trending videos, I remember.

Jia En; the senior vet nurse that seemed to ruled the clinic when I first got there. She was nothing short of brutal honesty, in a good yet fearful way. I was constantly on the edge during my attachment, cautious not to pull any wrong strings that would require confrontation with her. Sometimes the way she questions me about clinical knowledge makes me question life, . Or maybe I’m just undoubtedly timid. But over time. In a sense that, she treats animals with unquestionable love and care. And she knows it, she doesn’t try to hide it, she’s not ashamed of it.

Ronald—Ron for short; the oldest and one of the senior vet nurses too. He has experienced much in the industry to know about almost every vet and clinic and drug supplier out there. He’s friendly to most I’ve met, and has a strong fetish for online shopping, and bidding for consumer misery. Oh and he can review about almost any film of any genre, except maybe Theory of Everything—he hasn’t found the subtitles to save him from their relentless accent. He’s a really good cook too, for I’ve had the honour of savouring his pinoy fried rice, peppery pig intestines porridge, macaroni egg stew, and countless giant glasses of fruit punches. With his hulk-like build comes with hulk-like responsibilities aka animal handling and restraining. Looked forward to the 101 ways of towel restraint that could potentially save your life from crazy feline patients, but it never came.

Colin— one of the 2 main vets, and one of a kind. His quirky smile and naturally happy go lucky aura deemed himself the nice vet, that some occasional clients would have the cheek to gain off. All was the norm until one of the OT nights came as he performed an emergency ovariaohysterectomy in attempt to save a 10 year old JR whose reproductive tract turned pyometric. Despite the increased GA risk, we went ahead and I was in charge of monitoring the patient’s stats. Midway through the surgery, she sort of coded (He termed it as shock afterwards) or her pulse was undetected for awhile. I was freaking out on the inside and obviously outside too, when I frantically drew out the atropine from the E basket. With undeterred faith or what looked like adrenaline fuelled faith now,  The pus-filled tubes looked like those of deli sausages that  were about to explode any second.

Francis — let’s just say “Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of who do the things no one can imagine.” – Alan Turing

That was one of his unexpected revering vet moments that makes it all worth it when I reminisce.


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