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Now is a good time to write, because a cold front is approaching. As we speak (in my head), I’m currently residing slightly under down under – Tasmania, and it is a degree below zero. No snow yet or ever, because Launceston’s geographical location apparently isn’t meant for snow to take place. But I have 3 years to turn that fate around.

Let’s be brutally honest here, I’m still trying to settle in this place. Sometimes I go to bed and fall sleep thinking that it’s just a dream but when I wake in the morning after, the dream is still living. It’s usually not the case, but here lies one doings.

  • I’ve been trying to write a quote every so often to be inspired and to remember why I’m doing what I’m doing. Quote of the the day remembering Ash: “No excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madness.” – Aristotle
  • I’m collecting every coffee cup I drank from because I hear Australia does its coffee right and each cup is different because there are so many coffee joints out here. As of now, I have 4: 1st being my virgin australian Cafe latte at Melbourne domestic flight terminal at a pit stop called Venezuela. The cup now holds my bar soap. 2nd; handmade by one of the first few friends I made here in Launceston- Kal, and they even offered me dinner as it was my first night in utas. A scoop of Robert Timms, a tablespoon of cane sugar, freshly boiled water and an accident amount of fresh milk. I am aiming towards making coffee that taste just like that but it’s gonna take a while.  3rd was a chai latte I had at the Saturday morning harvest market, where the batista called out “Chai for Leah” as she filled my cup with creamy white decadence from her blue metal tin milk jug. And 4th but not the least,  it was a chai turned latte situation in a unicorn pink cup with dash of colours, purchased hand in hand with my first jam donut at the Salamanca market down in Hobart. Not the best coffee but it still held a memory.
  • Another frequent doings of the short winter days here is running. Yes running! I’d never thought I would run so soon, let alone start running in winter. But I’ve just began to embrace every opportunity at hand, to say yes to most and no to none. This wouldn’t have been possible without my hall mates and their daily running session, as Shaun is helping the girls to get in shape and I think that’s nice. Oh guess what, I just conquered Mowbray Hill and it was pain and gain all at once. The best thing about running at 16 30 is that you chase the sun sets. Just before the sun truly sets, when it gets really low, you get this landscape gradient of evening space blue and Organgina orange , and laid on this artscape is the silhouette of christmassy trees and grasslands lining the Tamar River running up north.

Each and everyone here has their own welcoming personality and basically it just all feels like a warm embrace on a cold winter day. On the academic side, it’s been a huge smack in the face by karma as I have to do A math again but Economics seems pretty interesting, albeit only having had the second lesson, but mostly it’s Drs Elkana and his style of teaching that keeping me awake. I’ve made a what seemed to be a irrational decision to change my Major to Fisheries Management after much senseless thought, but I must say I’m pretty excited for what’s to come.

All I seek for is a feeling of clarity in this unknown, because I’m afraid to lose myself in a place where no one knows.




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