Now is the time

June 17, 2016 § Leave a comment

With less than 2 weeks left before the start of my new adventure, the permit to enter the grounds of my new adventure has still yet to be granted. I’ll shamefully admit, there’s been a few mishaps here and there that most wouldn’t encounter (but apparently I’m not among the most) with a such simple and straight forward procedure, but I just had to screw it up. Before I know it, this new adventure has already begun….

It’s been a almost never-ending mental roller-coaster ride, as I anxiously check for an update whenever WiFi allows me to, as my doubt and worry cell divides, as I try to grow my blinding mustard seed of faith, as the ticking time draws the end nearer and nearer. My procrastination card has been maxed out, but not my endless credit of stupidity.

And to think that the ride has only just begun…… *cringes with a smile*. So the lesson to be learnt here is to NEVER WAIT TILL THE LAST DAMN MINUTE. I’m probably just being overly dramatic here, but how else to remember this if not by searing into my oh so transient memory with burning emotions.

As I sit on this first-world pressing issue of mine, with a cup cold brew and background jazz tunes, I listen to the voice of Sylvia Earle boldly dictating her wish to save the blue heart of the planet as she’s being awarded a TED prize winner. Just like how my ignorance and procrastination caused what was simple in the beginning to become complex at the end, we have exhausted the assets of the  vast and resilient ocean, making it vulnerable and direly finite now. And until we start to know this problem and begin to care for it, it will remain undone. So let’s not take anything for granted, as what is now may not be tomorrow. So now is the time.

Thank you Sylvia.




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