Note to self #1

June 1, 2016 § Leave a comment

It did not go all too well today. I was being naive and complacent about alot of things happening to and around me. When it comes to administrative matters, there’s just no escaping the nitty gritty. Going with the flow was just no working out when I found out how much should be done is left undone. And also to think that others would follow up with you, even the ones that are hired to do so, is just plain fat hope.

Maybe in a year or 2 I’ll be an expert at planning it better, but the time isn’t now. Let this be a note to self, to rely on self and self only, as from here on it’s only going to get tougher, and the test of self reliance is more crucial than ever. Judging from today’s experience and outcome, I can only pray and hope to survive the adventure that awaits me…

Table banged
Doors slammed
Denial came
And tears rained
Love don’t cry
Just breathe
And rest in Me



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