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You remind me of a joke
Of which you’ve forgotten
We ate less salty
And cringed at crusty
We catch up in a crowded place
Filled with lives at its own pace
I capture the orange night light,
The humans and vibes
With my forgetful mind
I aim to remember this
You and our peaceful bliss.



Slow & Steady

May 18, 2016 § Leave a comment

I woke up from slumber, all of a sudden.

I realise I don’t need much to be happy. Smirk and judge to that phrase of blatant cliché , but I just came to a point of plain revelation.

Trying to be happy is so easily misinterpreted as being happy. It’s confounding because it’s a feeling that you and I know about, but many of us are struggling to genuinely feel it. I too admit that I don’t fully embrace the state of being happy. Perhaps I’m afraid of the voodoo jinx that completely flips your fate 180 degrees when you declare one. Or perhaps I’m soaked in an environment where being happy is taught to be temporary, and the journey to achieving it is grueling and the future of it looks bleak. Expectations, of which I deem countless of, is also a major limiting path to the happy nirvana.

Sometimes we choose the hardest way, just because the road less traveled is the new most traveled? It’s true, and I do get why it’s addictive. But let’s not forget why we took that path in the first place.

I don’t need to know the world to know myself. I don’t need to see every inch of the corner to understand. I don’t need to touch every piece of the picture to grasp it.

If I knew it all, time would have stood still by now. And wings would grow from my lumbar while I still get to keep my phalanges, perhaps grow me a furcula too, and I could take flight to the clouds and endless blue. Pardon me as I’m currently reading one of Julia Whitty, and her account of her experience with the tern colonies on Isla Rasa makes me want to be a tern.

But anyway, I don’t need to worry to be happy.

I just be happy.

Be OK with what you ultimately can’t do, because there is so much you can do.

– Sam Berns



Love over This

May 5, 2016 § Leave a comment

One is bound to face this kind of day.

The kind where your mind palace is invaded by an abrupt erratic unexplainable germ that spreads like wild fire, and kills your every train of thought, annihilates your opinion, impedes your rationality, misguides your right from wrong. Suddenly, what used to be right now seems more wrong than ever, and the less wrong couldn’t have been more right

You see what I mean?

Days like this

I would selfishly take a break

and soak in black embrace.

Coldplay in my ears,

rest is lost in tears.

None is me,

deep is the abyss.

I deny with being

because the truth is killing.

Sins turned to dust

in Your hand I trust.

I just want to dance and break my bones

to feel painfully happy from head to toe.

Can I just be

part of the luminous sea.





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