Rain down on me

April 16, 2016 § Leave a comment

A set of hands embraced me ever so dearly today, so much till I could feel the warmth of the embrace radiating out from my physical being.

It was also the very same set of hands that that created the Earth moon and stars. With the ability of all and ever, chose to reach out to me, and heal me, and proclaim me.

This set of hands wasn’t foreign, for I feel it’s presence around me but I’d never once held both firmly. Maybe just afew fingers, one good days a hand, on bad days I release without a doubt, and never both.

Yet it was the very pair of hands that created me, and saved me, by being hammered unto the cross with the nails of sin and shame, in which He had no contributions of, but His hands along with His being took the sacrifice.

I was truly blind till today, I saw this set of hands with my tears bounded eyes—  holed, pierced, shredded, bleeding in red, in ever amazing grace and mercy and forgiveness.

He held my hands and I grabbed onto both ever so desperately, interlocked, and the key to unlock it— I toss it far and out of sight.

Here in Your presence I am free.




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