The blue ballerina

April 15, 2016 § Leave a comment


Jubilee; a 35 feet long female sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) had her fate casted in our local waters on July 2015. Inspite of her tragic demise, she was turned into a national treasure being the first ever of its kind to be sighted in Singapore.

According to the scientists and researchers working on her carcass, she had a deeply wounded back likely to be caused by a propeller slash and resulted in her unfateful death.

The immense size of these cetaceans I always knew and fantasise about, but was never able to quite picture it until now. I was at loss for words just starring up above at her jurassic skeleton on display. Her skull concaved in great volume which encompassed her intelligence, and narrowed down into her upper mandible. The whole cranial anatomy looked like a giant slide where kids could slide down from her head and jump off from her jaw.

To be so upclose, I could almost feel her every vertebrate, those hand like fins fenced out, as she dances effortlessly to the sound of the deep blue, illuminated by the perfect limelight of the gleaming sun shining through the ocean’s surface.

I dream to be her dance partner one day. 



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