Size of a mustard seed

March 20, 2016 § Leave a comment

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. – Hebrews 11:1

Just as I start to acknowledge my fragile faith easily shaken by the slightest worldly touch, just as doubt and skepticism lurk at the doorstep of my heart, God pulls me back to Him with today’s sermon. The timeliness of such could only be Your work.

It only makes perfect sense as to why I can’t see You, for my eyes are patently condemned by sin and shame. Faith is like baking a molten lava cake. The sinful chocolate and butter I have to melt it down, just like how I have to melt away my solid doubts and disbelief that would not pair well with the faith I’m about to sow. After combining the yolks and flour, the batter is mixed into a homogeneous perfection. In line with this mouth watering context, the ingredients to bring about faith involves God and I, to be stirred as one.

The moment of crisis and the test of faith comes when the ramekins of batter enters the oven. We make a prayer, and say Amen. As our helpless selves can only watch the Celsius climb, We begin to exercise our invisibly prepared faith that is only visible by God Himself. He has received his form of molten lava cake, dusted with speckles of our faith. Pleased, he rewards us with the perfect molten lava cake- when cut in the centre, rich chocolate lava runs the plate with glowing, shimmering glory.

It’s a simple 13-minute recipe, and all we need is a little faith. The rewards of trusting and believing in the Invisible and Invincible will bring about a high that no drug addict can relate to, because they are not injecting God into their lives.

Okay I’m getting hungry and it’s time to sow my mustard seed.



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