En route to jogja

February 17, 2016 § Leave a comment


It’s almost 6am here in Surabaya with a 25 degree centigrade fog resulting from the predawn heavy rain. Waking up on a bench to a foreign airport view was hardly intimidating and surprisingly comfy, considering what we’ve been through. Janice is still asleep though.

It’s day 05 here and we’re awaiting for our 11 10 domestic flight en route to Yogyakarta (Jogja in short). We; Jan and I, are finally on our East Java backpacking trip that we’ve been anticipating for since last Christmas.

The heavy flooding in Surabaya has greatly disrupted the city’s train schedule that runs from the Sumatra to East Java, and our train got cancelled thrice without any prior notice. Having been here for 5 days, you can tell when something is not right when your ojek/driver/local friend, starts a Bahasa-Indonesia chat with another stranger, mentioning bits and pieces of your travelling details.

To be continued,



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