Commuting POTs #4

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Dwell in my tabernacle today. (Exodus 25:8)



A month

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I want to tell you, take care
I want to say goodbye
I hope it’s not too late, before you fly
For when I’ll see you again, is a mystery
But deep inside I know, it’s a tragedy.

Commit to the woods,
Commit to the sun
You are not, the only one.
In unison they move,
In hardship they conquer
Only death will call it quits,
If not sucess you desire.

I pray that you feel,
for what you can’t see.
I fell asleep


Commuting POTs #3

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I just failed my driving test by proceeding to turn right on a 0.1 second red light. And on the way back home I was so distracted  I cycled into dip and got thrown off my bike. A SCDF car with the top exposed saw the whole stunt while I was on the ground grabbing knees to absorb the shock. And now my hips ache.


The above mentioned are events that I did not expect to happen on this lovely Friday, but it did. And I’m moving on. Moving on to climb a wall that I’ll probably not be able to climb too.

Commuting POTs #2

February 23, 2016 § Leave a comment

It’s been 3 days since we came back from East Java, but it feels like just moments ago that I had 2 glasses of juice with Jan under the unforgiving weather. Yesterday I had my first Bible study session and I believe fruitful would be the appropriate term for this situation.

After that 2 hr session, I felt like I’ve learnt a gazillion things about God, more than I’ve ever learnt throughout the 5 years since my recognition of Him. And the thought of this situation being only a mere tip of a never-ending ice berg plunging deep through His creation’s core, scares me in a good way.

I came to Bible study with an open mind of skepticism and question, perhaps not a very opened mind to begin with. But as it progressed, so did my curiosity about the Bible aka WOG. It’s the first time whatever Esther explained made almost complete sense, although I processed her proclaimings with many hurdles of questions and reality checks in my head, they somehow all passed and made its way to conviction. It was strangely satisfying and I can’t fully comprehend how I felt during the whole session. Before we started Esther would pray for us to be protected against spiritual enemies and invited the Holy spirit to work in us. So.. Is it safe to say that all that funny feelings were the doings of the Holy spirit?

We live by faith and not by sight.

Honour and intimacy are not mutually exclusive.

I have no idea, but I’m looking forward to Tuesday nights now.

En route to jogja

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It’s almost 6am here in Surabaya with a 25 degree centigrade fog resulting from the predawn heavy rain. Waking up on a bench to a foreign airport view was hardly intimidating and surprisingly comfy, considering what we’ve been through. Janice is still asleep though.

It’s day 05 here and we’re awaiting for our 11 10 domestic flight en route to Yogyakarta (Jogja in short). We; Jan and I, are finally on our East Java backpacking trip that we’ve been anticipating for since last Christmas.

The heavy flooding in Surabaya has greatly disrupted the city’s train schedule that runs from the Sumatra to East Java, and our train got cancelled thrice without any prior notice. Having been here for 5 days, you can tell when something is not right when your ojek/driver/local friend, starts a Bahasa-Indonesia chat with another stranger, mentioning bits and pieces of your travelling details.

To be continued,


Commuting POTs #1

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What I love doing, regardless of how good or bad I may be

– Nevin

Blood ivory

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Today I ran 10 rounds around Sun Plaza, and it was the best run ever. Just before I started, I was contemplating to myself if 10 is achievable today, subbing the excuses that made it not. But I figured if I kept on doing this, if I kept on holding back, I’ll never be where I wanna be.

Like Ashima Shiraishi put it simply:

You can’t let go

Less than half a year to go before o depart from the comfort of home, to go study in Tasmania. As excited as I ought to be for the near future, I want to give my all with the remaining time left. I want to spend time with everyone and everything I care about. I would like to give climbing one good try, and by definition of this is to see a significant improvement. Perhaps a comp will truly prove it.

Too much excuses has been made, and when I decided to run 10 rounds today without excuses, with only my pacing breath and the pain in every step I take to push me forward, it couldn’t have gone any better. I know I have it in me.

I haven’t officially cut ties with 2015 and accepted 2016 fully because of a abrupt heartbreak that I’d never saw coming, and up till now I still sometimes deny the harsh reality of love. I still think of him, reminiscing of the good and bad times we had, and wishing for one more day with him.

When someone is in your heart, they are never truly gone. – Mitch Albom

It’s time to move on.

I’m inspired by a fellow blogger to company a song with every post so my song for tonight would be bird set free by Sia. Btw is 02 33.

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