What’s wrong?

December 13, 2015 § Leave a comment

Congratulations to your mini milestone. But I also wanted to tell you that I missed you so. And I also want to ask how are you. And I also. And I also. But all “also-s” are not safe because it might seem like I’m pressurizing you. I have no idea how. All I wanted was to know that you’re OK. You know what I meant but you chose not to let me in on  it.

What did I do wrong here?

I can’t move on because I don’t know.

The only wrong I know was all the wrongs I did at the very beginning of us. Does it mean I’m still wrong now? I’ve tried to correct it now but it doesn’t seem to be right.

Every moment is a passing revelation of different kinds of pain I’ve put you through, and this is not knowing what you’ve done wrong when all you wanted was in the best interest of the other. When all you wanted was you give your all to the other. When all you wanted was to love the other. But the other feels the other.

Why don’t you want to tell me what’s wrong?



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