When am i going to learn

August 27, 2015 § Leave a comment

Every once in awhile, I find reasons to hate myself. I compare to others around me and I start to feel incomplete. They say it’s human nature but how can the superior homosapien species think so shallowly of oneself. On the commuting train I take everyday to work, I would stare at my reflection on the window when the train hits the lightness tunnel.

The strange thing about this is that it’s all in my head, yet it’s tearing me apart. Do we ever really own ourselves or we are just a containment for our brain to fill us up with thoughts and feelings.

This is me self reasoning because I have nobody who can understand. Nobody understands because no one in the right mind would even come to this point.

I always use other reasonings like there are wars happening on the other side, starvation, disabilities so that I would feel luckier and more complete. And I have come to realise that its the shallowest and most inhuman. I’m no where near these people, who are facing such adversities and are still trying to live.

For this I’m utterly disgusted and disappointed in myself. I lack greatly in understanding humanity. God has gave me all but nothing.


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