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June 29, 2015 § Leave a comment

Its not easy, but its simple. – House M D

I’m afraid to lose something that was once worthy in my life. I guess most people are. We put our time and effort, and we cared for it, we fought over it, we cried about it, we loved it. And gradually or suddenly, we lose it. How does that work?

Nothing lasts forever only because we don’t last forever. That’s why marriage says ”till death do us apart’. 3 days ago, gay marriage was legalised throughout the US; over 50 states. #LoveWins was the simple truth. I was surprised not all gays were ecstatic about the Supreme Court’s decision. This is just another clear example of what the 21st century has to offer. And we can only thank humans for such a result.

Being the most intelligent species seemed great at the beginning, but the inevitable time will outrun our intelligence. This is real.


this is awkward

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Hello to me myself & I,

The creation of this site is supposedly the first step of prevention to any world wars in my world. Where I’m allowed to be think selfishly and freely without judgement (provided no one ever reads). However, prevention is only 99% preventative… let’s begin!

Just to make appease with myself; I love hand-writing diaries but I’m afraid my penmanship will soon become illegible and I have just enough diaries to safe keep for now. 🙂

Life is like a book. A page, a paragraph, a phrase, or a word could be each life’s moment. They say to live in the moment, but technically there are so many moments to live in our book of Life. So we can’t really live in the moment can we? That is to say if we shan’t move on, to the next moment. Unless the book only has one unit of definitive moment..

I currently believe that humans strive to seek and believe in a constant amongst the ever-changing world. Religion, facts, people, love, are all things that we can put our faith and hope in. Question is.. what is my belief? I’m turning 20 in 4 months time, and I have nightmares about this stuff. It confuses me, but what I do know is that I’m allowed to believe in more than one.

I am human, and I admire other humans. Usually for their strong beliefs; how they hang on to the very same constant despite the changes revolving around and in them. Or this could just be any other moment that I just so happen to come across, who knows what they’ll believe or not believe in the next moment? I don’t know their entire book of life.

Don’t compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.  – Awesome quotes

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